Khoi Nguyen Truong

I'm Khôi, and I love human-centered design.

I'm Khôi, and I love human-centered design.

I’m a Montrealer living in NYC’s Lower East Side with my techie husband. When I’m not advocating for users, I cook, enjoy the outdoors, and make pottery under Atelier 7570. Thanks for stopping by and let’s collaborate on projects that positively impact the well-being of our society!

Top 3 things you'll notice about me

  1. I'm a people person. I listen, observe and provide insightful feedback. I value honesty and directness laced with tact and diplomacy.
  2. I'm organized. I have a knack for overseeing projects. I’m especially good at liaising between the various stakeholders.
  3. I'm a helper. As an educator, I helped people learn. As a UX designer, I help people have memorable experiences by solving design challenges.

Recent work

Service Design Jam

Service Design Jam Service Design Jam

One prompt. One weekend. One prototype. A whole lot of creativity and fun to better human experiences.

Ad Tech App

Ad Tech App Confiant

So much data, so little space. It was time for a webapp reorganization to surface decision-making data points.