Khoi Nguyen Truong

Case Study: Confiant Blocking Product


November 2017 - February 2018


Annotated desktop and mobile wireframes


1 UX designer
1 UX advisor

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Confiant work

Confiant is a company that offers scanning and blocking of bad ads to their ad tech clients. The focus of this project was their blocking product. Confiant has been creating new features and adding them on to their MVP in a piecemeal manner. It was getting messy and with a growing list of clients, they wanted to clean up the product and ensure all elements worked together seamlessly.


Redesigning an existing product to highlight its strong features, eliminate the unused ones, and prepare it for future additions.


Streamlining data to facilitate and expedite client’s decision-making about bad ads. This was achieved this by reducing clutter, organizing features and navigation, and optimizing data visualization.


  • One day discovery with stakeholders and the UX team.
  • User interviews with current clients to learn about their pain points with the existing product.

Activities and outputs: competitive analysis, framing the design challenge, stakeholder interviews, user interviews, synthesizing findings

Confiant work


  • Designed wireframes for desktop. When these were a little more solid, designed for mobile as well.
  • Elected to remove the more involved features (such as setting up properties and reporting) from mobile version based on user interviews.

Activities and outputs: task flows, sketching, lo-fi wireframes, interaction design, hi-fi wireframes

Confiant work


  • Many rounds of reviews with stakeholders.
  • Limited budget so we didn’t test with Confiant’s users, however, I did some guerilla paper prototyping with people who were not in that industry to gauge if the design was intuitive enough.

Activities and outputs: internal reviews with stakeholders, paper prototyping, annotations

Confiant work


As an outsider to this industry, my main goal was to decipher required data for decision-making and reduce task complexity. Client appreciated the exercise of rethinking their product were satisfied with where we landed at the conclusion of the contract.

Confiant work

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