Khoi Nguyen Truong

Case Study: Tellum App


November 2014




Three UX designers


Project management, user research, usability testing, research report

Active contributor

Heuristic evaluation, interviews, personas, user flows, task analysis

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Tellum app

Tellum App is a social app conceived to empower people to speak up when they normally might not because of, for example, social pressure or shyness. By using the app, people can share honest insights, opinions, and points of view with friends, family or others within the ecosystem and beyond.

The mobile app can be used for surveying friends on fun topics. It can also be utilized in academic settings where teachers can poll or collect students’ thoughts to generate discussions.


How can we improve the mobile experience of an existing iOS app focused on opinion sharing and soliciting?


Re-design of UI elements to eliminate ambiguous icons and terms, and streamlining of task flows.


After using the existing app, my team’s assumption was that it wasn’t intuitive and generated frustration. We ran usability tests to validate our claim. Indeed, participants were confused by the terminology and icons used. A post-test survey revealed that the majority would never use/recommend the app in its current state.

Activities and outputs: survey, concept maps, competitive analysis, user research, usability testing, heuristic evaluation, interviews, research report

Tellum app


Many rounds of collaborative sketching, with and without the client, helped shape the solution. Fleshing out the flow of the existing app revealed how complicated it was. Going through 6 rounds of wireframe iterations, we streamlined the flows and pared down UI elements to essential ones.

Activities and outputs: design studio, personas, scenarios, user flows, task analysis, interaction design, lo-fi wireframes, organizational model, paper prototypes, user interface design

Tellum app


The proposed solution was heavily tested using paper prototyping. After 21 tests, it was clear that frustrations and ambiguity were alleviated. A participant who had tested the existing app said: “I’m having such a better experience already, and it’s only the home screen!” A digital prototype also helped the client “feel” the improved experience.

Activities and outputs: hi-fi wireframes, usability testing, specification documents, clickable prototype

Tellum app


Tellum App benefited from streamlined and simplified steps. Applying iOS conventions for terminology and iconography helped users easily navigate through the app. The addition of categories and filters also enhanced searching capabilities. Currently, the client is revamping the app based on our recommendations before launching it in the App Store.

Tellum app

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